Everyday Performances

She was cool once, and still
She thinks of style and manner
In precise and textured terms.
She stood askew to the line
Of the Art museum’s café
As if waiting to be seen again.
Pausing for a frame to form
Her, she adjusted perfectly
A detail upon the counter:
A quick tableaux of cool
Like a fashion magazine
Ignored on a table nearby.

(July 16, 2017)

Field Trip

I leapt up the mountain river
rock to rock each turn and leap
a new revelation oh look
then look again to see anew
an inlaid distraction explode
the laughing froth splashing
about my dancing feet then
almost thirty years later
on a bus filled with students
that moment on that rock
in that river ecstatically opens
like her initial kiss almost
as if time’s inevitable
profundity ceased to exist

(January 26, 2017)

winter’s bones

winter’s bones
     McKinney Falls, Texas
in a static dance
bare limbs writhe
ecstatically between
dead leaves’ clatter
like a jilted lover
the trees’ gnarled fingers
grasp after grey sky
water grinds grooves
through the rock
before falling
into the curved silence
beneath the trees
like disembodied legs
of a prehistoric beast
the trees’ roots
clutch the shoreline—
eternal children
dangling their toes
in the water
as if in a glass
display case—
beneath leaves floating
upon the water’s sheen
a skeleton of a deer
rests as if running
on the river bed

(January 5, 2017)

with graces

with a blurred vision,
he had no true perception
beyond desire
for her to speak
in dazzled laughter.
here. not there, but then
to follow traces
through field and hedge—
most suredly a game
with such high laughter.
her eyes envelop him
from across the room,
pull him close as before,
blurring tears
with laughter.

(September 12, 2016)