I Sit Beneath a Calder


–Chicago Art Institute, July 13


slow shapes turn about

each other as they turn

together through larger

fluidic constraints


the whole turns slower

partly to the left until

a  pause then moves

in a manner to the right


others speaking Japanese

move through the space pause

take a picture and move on


changing the room’s rhythm

which changes the slow shapes’

turn about each other and me

A Stumbled Fall


after w.-a.-r.  with apologies


Static allowed no pauses

to slip his supplications

into their conversations.


Filled with honey, his mouth,

spoke too slowly, too low,

to be heard over the swarm

of bees infesting her ears.


The tea cup had no depth

beyond the damp leaves

he fingered metaphorically.


It was too late to go back,

to be what he was not,

to grow his silent desires

from the salted earth.


(May 28, 2018)

solve for X



you present as a variable

an x or a y

an unknown desire


to provide an outcome

for a question

I did not know to ask


each only opens one door

to slip down the hall and out

is to dance the wet grass alone


or sit near the window and sigh

as one grey day blurs into tomorrow

with your answer left unresolved


I do not know where to go

within the variables of my heart



(February 11, 2018)





A Day’s Fate



Light, like gauze

Over skin, glazes

The forest floor

In mottled shadows.


As on other days,

One walks here

With a slow step

Along patterned trails.


What’s to discover

Depends upon the lens

One brings—The light

And the dark blend.


All paths converge

In each step’s shift.


(January 28, 2018)

It’s Being




“It embroiders us with error.”

            –Christian Bok



as error

becomes change


warhol’s prints

print awry


a chance shifts

with each pass


its being’s

okay then


as so you

each morning


wake anew

yet again


to sleep deep

into you


until all’s

written out


and what was

said is said


as always

an old tale


only heard

in passing


(November 9, 2017)

The Correlate in Memory’s Grain

With no ledger to fix
Time, memory’s allowed
Without accountability.
It rebuffs reason’s harsh
Causal relationships
As unnecessary chains.
Yes, that trailed this,
But more of a simple
Coincidence than a confluence
Of desires. You know this;
Yet, like him, still believe
What you will manifests
As fate, an inevitable
Flowering of happenstance.

(October 26, 2017)