stage directions for a deleted scene

(left alone. off-center.
pacing to and fro.
the audience sits mute—
as if they are not there.
he speaks his parts
in whispers and shouts.
he suspects, gradually,
no one has heard)
Explanations aren’t enough.
(he explains beneath his breath)
What was that sound? (he barks.
a murder in the wings.
near the stage edge,
yet not at the edge,
he peers into the dark,
a sailor lost at sea).

(October 17, 2016)


A trail emerges and merges
along sight lines grown dim
through twilight and memory.
Origins and destinations blur,
as we coalesce from a fog
into something we were not.
A blossom folds back to itself,
a brief fissure to revelation,
even as the petals wait to fall.
Silence waits, as well, in dark
abstractions too simple to pause
for the next word to be spoken.
We are there, neither before, nor after,

silent, unbroken, still, on a path.

flags wave

my father remembered
enough to explain the poppies
sold outside the local store
before the carnage of one war
blurred into them all
(September 21, 2016)