In Passing

When tense
It calms;
When calm
It excites.

Each time
I want more;
Each time
Is not enough.

Your hand
On my arm;
Your hand
On my skin.

Touch me
Again forever.

(September 2011)

to Erato with love, of course

I find it amusing to watch in awe
All of your sundry manifestations
As they blossom in waves around your mind

The way you dance your delight with laughter
Across the room into my silent life
Sparks my mind like dry leaves off a bonfire

Your hand upon my shoulder in passing
Pushes all my random thoughts instantly
Onto the focused clarity of you

Your presence inscribes my heart with desire
To pour forth like a bottecelli spring
A voiceless plea to beg on bended knee

For the chance to tell you that I want you
To give me words to sing into your mouth

(August 2011)

Enclitic: a Short Wren Goes Through a Drought

the heat whips the trees
shade pants crisply beneath leaves
not much chance of change

a sharp demarcation
between me and you

as if a copula
is enough of a word
to engender a metaphor

this is not this
but yet it is

grammatically independent
but phonologically dependent
on another word

my meaning depends
upon you

(June 2011)


i watch
and wait
and wish
we could talk

of more
than day
to day

and remote
by nature
my words

fall fleeting
like dust
or butterflies

i whisper
these poems
to you

(may 2011)


Last night I dreamed of making love to you
I awoke and could still feel your smooth back
And soft brown hair between my fingertips

During the day your soft smile from the couch
The way your smooth hair falls framing your eyes
Makes me desire to press my lips to yours

This vision as much a dream as at night
Slips away among the constant tumult
Of the separate lives we lead alone

So I write yet another poem for you
A soft lament for possibilities
That hover on the verge of my waking

Thoughts of you interlace my days and nights
Softly like spider’s silk upon the wind

(May 2011)