I never answered

the question you did not ask

but I wanted to


(May 26, 2018)

From the Dark Earth We Rose


two haiku


I am lost in you

like mice in Texas maize fields

that ran through that night.




Yes, I am afraid:

I have never been alone

after that first kiss.


(May 18, 2018)

Beneath the Elemental Idea of You



As years

of protective layers

ignited, then fell

away into ash,

the first

puff of air

from your lips

slipped through

my divisions

like water spilling

over earthen levees,

until I drowned.


(April 29, 2018)

Longtime Infatuation



embers, embedded

beneath the snowy ash, burn

slowly, secretly.


(April 29, 2018)

she lingers



above the brook’s surface,

as thought insinuates

itself past itself,

and petals escape eddies

to slip downstream

like small silent ships

without consequence,

here, on the rock’s face,

a sheen of mist,

far into the afternoon,

clings to shadows

folded within crevices

like secret notes

tucked furtively

into a back pocket

before she walks away


(February 25, 2018)

what was finally said



the silence gave way

to small talk banishing

desire’s remains to memory


(February 15, 2018)




Assorted Location Shoots


From the opening, one can see

Flickers of light and dark

Dancing another world,


If one places one’s eye

At a precise angle askew

To the present lived world.


This Vision’s dream pulses

Like an omphalos stream’s

Constant thrum of blood

Caresses a nascent life.


My eye’s curve opens,

As the horizon catches

The dawn, to a distant

Transcendence in your eye.


(January 19, 2018)

He Sees He Says



He resists his clichés

With their tiny reins

Guiding the blinder’s

Simplistic vision.

“Everything’s okay,”

he says, yet knows, as she,

it is all just a lie:

her questions, the feigned

interest, are too much—

too coy in their intent

for him to be okay.

He feels his answers

Thicken like cataracts

Clouding all before him.


(January 15, 2018)

Winter’s Onset



“Cold is desire,


(being old):”


            –H. D.



Speak to me,

Embers glow,

A fire stirs:


In dreams

It seems,

You come:



Like a winter’s



Frost pale,

Moon pale,

Still light:


Morning teases

The aging night.


(January 1, 2018)

To Hesitate



Always on the periphery

Of many misunderstandings,

She slowly dances alone

Along the firelight’s flickered edge:

Almost blind,

Almost about to see.


Shadows sway the light

Back and forth like a lover’s

First dance. Neither’s willing

To take the lead; both desire

To surrender. Their bodies

Cleave each to each. She cannot

Read his intent, nor its

Inevitable consequence.


(December 26, 2017)