Three Poems

the world exists
in front of you
with luck
a peripheral sight 
expands you
enough to bend 
back upon your vision
to create a new sense 
of self that can see
how great a fool you are
shuffle your feet
another day is done
another dance
before the night is through
circle slowly
around the room
think again
what might have been
(from “Sonnet,” a work in progress: syllables 8, 9 and 10: line 2)
(December 2011)

Enclitic: a Short Wren Goes Through a Drought

the heat whips the trees
shade pants crisply beneath leaves
not much chance of change

a sharp demarcation
between me and you

as if a copula
is enough of a word
to engender a metaphor

this is not this
but yet it is

grammatically independent
but phonologically dependent
on another word

my meaning depends
upon you

(June 2011)