doors and stairs

no mirrors or windows
not a trapped vision
but a step away
an ascent or descent
another level
beckons another place
to move toward
an allowed emptiness
a resurgent difference
a space other
than now within
arbitrary lines
ways away
toward from
phase to the side
an occlusion
a lunar excuse
current tides
heart’s pulsed

(October 30, 2013)

storm warnings

within the parameters of this house
I negotiate the layered currents’
free flow of emotion like weathermen
on local television plot storm fronts
moving rapidly across the great plains
the confluent strands of simple stress
exacerbated exponentially
by our jobs’ high pressure influxes wreck
havoc through the fragile day’s emergent
desire for a sheltered happiness
where we can run as another storm rains
hail down upon the world still around us
until we discover our lives have grown
once again from the rubble left behind
(October 1, 2013)


he lifted his head from work
when called cross the hall
and smiled halfway
at the jokes she told
she hid within
the shadow’s play
upon his walls
he longed for her laugh
took comfort in her
presence enough to
breathe in the world
she hid within
the shadow’s play
upon his walls
sirens wail serenely
as  he sits alone
and thinks of her gone
singing her newer song
she hid within
the shadow’s play
upon his walls
(July 30, 2013)