passion’s red thread is infinite
like the earth always under me
– -Ikkyu

I want you to smile when you see me.
I want your eyes to notice me.
I want to fall into the dark beauty of your eyes.
I want your mouth to desire me.
I want your mouth upon me.
I want your lips upon my lips.
I want your tongue to lick my neck below my ear.
I want you to sing the song of the night,
Sing as I play the piano of you,
Sing as my fingers slide glissandos through you,
Sing your song into my mouth,
Sing with my kisses upon your kisses.
I want you to wrap me up in your arms and legs
Pulling me deeper and yet again deeper into your life
I want you above me and below me endlessly.
I want you now as I write this, and then again
Later and tomorrow and tomorrow forever
To be here next to me yet again in desire.

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