I wonder quite often how these poets get away with their rambles
Pickup an off the cuff kind of élan slip it on like a watch band
Twist the strap with a self-deprecating smirk just to let you know
Mon frere with a wink that the façade is still within your grasp if not those
Others so self aware to catch the irony a simple twist of fate
As it were even if allusions are passé modern in this post after world
We live in if not then at least around in a peripheral bourgeois manner
For god knows since no one else can that we have to have something
To react toward and the rich don’t care anymore if ever and the poor often
Are such a bore what with having to explain all of the jokes
It’s easier to talk to yourself or in this case myself when no one understands
How cruelty can be funny especially when gnawing on your own flesh

(started circa 2006, completed July 2011)

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