within a marbled recess
of an ionic colonnade
he finds his lost sister
not moving
on her knees
straddling the priestess
lying on the floor
he reaches out
and touches
the sister’s left breast
(now gone)
and she vanishes
without transition
without translation
the priestess
her lips still wet
with soft
vaginal traces
whispers to him
without moving
from the floor
hear me
is important
then twice repeats
three more words
he cannot hear
(March 2013)


  1. Kelly Neal says:

    hmm, interesting. I did not know Apollo and Dionysius took turns at Delphi. Passion and Reason trading places. I suppose then that the dream was more of a Dionysistic vision, all things considered.


  2. Donna says:

    Of course, in winter Dionysus would be in residence. He would approve.


  3. Donna says:

    Quite the anima you have going there. Doing the Pythia, by god! Where was Apollo?


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