Indulge me. I talk slow – – So
you must listen long to hear well.
I’m going to talk for a bit,
a small bit in the scheme of it all,
but a bit about some things, things
you should know; but just in case
you don’t, in case you missed a step,
well, I’m going to talk, well, for awhile:
One must pay attention to the details of the day,
like now as the wind shifts the light about the grass
like a lover’s hand around the laces at her back.
The metaphor is more than decoration, a curly-cue
to dazzle with all its gold-gilded bric-a-brac;
It matters to say such things in such a way,
to grip you by the ear and point out the craven
bits of destruction in everything we say.
In one of these tales, or one of these books,
I will find, if you are willing to wait, the answer.
Yes, you did not ask any question, but you will
still need to hear each word I speak, for now,
if you will be able to see the sense I seek later,
after we have reconnoitered each path and side
trail, which led us after six-thousand years here,
as if we have always had this place in mind.
(March 2013)

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