Can a question be a statement?
How do you love someone?
Do you want another drink?
Can I ask you a question?
How hungry are you?
What’s for dinner?
What if he had an affair?
Where is she now?
What is she doing?
What are you doing now?
What becomes lost in the barrage of questions?
Why are you resisting?
How does one come to this?
How can metaphors not cause confusion?
What is the best way?
Will anyone notice?
How could we make this work?
Is it easier just to ignore the question?
How do you ask that question?
How can I say yes?
When will he finally begin?
Are there guarantees?
How do you use your tongue?
If I ask, will you answer?
Can she even hear the question?
Have you noticed her eyes?
How can she broach the subject?
Is it good enough for you?
What are you learning from this line of thought?
What if she laughs?
Are his intentions clear?
How strong must we be for this?
Do you want an answer to the question?
What if he should fail?
What if this works?
Why do you obsess so?
Does she even notice?
Who reads these to this point anyway?
How could he expect more?
What question are you waiting on?
Why are we afraid of answers?
Am I living a lie?
Will you kiss me?
What is lost with honesty?
What happens if I answer these?
What answers do you really want?
How much time do we have?
Can we fall in love so easily?
Does it have to be forever?
What happens if she answers?
Could you go through with it?
Are there blatant signs to follow?
Can questions be signs?
Can he wait for forgiveness?
Should she even bother?
How will we know?
What would be missed?
Do you see the longing?
What answer can she give?
What answers can be risked?
What question do you really want to know?
(March 2013)

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