Six Days in a Row, From "My Book of Changes" April 1995

7.  Power Destroys and Creates
April 10. 1995

Beneath the earth, a river
flows like muscles beneath
my skin.  Flood waters
destroy farm and flower
disregarding detail.  My 
frustration bursts forth.

15.  Complaint
April 11, 1995

Ignored by sparrow and bee,
a seed falls from a dying
thistle.  Complaining is a form
of braggadocio; I continue on,
too far to turn back – – Where
will I fall, on fallow or fertile ground?

6.  At a Mile Stone
April 12, 1995

“Don’t go there,” my students say
warning off a sensitive area.
What I have to say is modest.
I am alive.  I have troubles. I am.
Can I “make it new?”  Cliches fit
well, sayings ring clear, truth lasts.

16.  A Question of Purpose
April 13, 1995

Play music others can hear.
Thunder booms from the depths
of the earth shaking the air
with splendor.  Your words
echo thus in those that listen,
loosening the tension at our hearts.

50.  Feed the Fire
April 14, 1995

I am the wood thrown
in this fire.  Food
lies in the cauldron, 
but it is not for me.
I have work to do
to clarify this vision.

60.  Acceptance
April 15, 1995

In accepting what I cannot do,
I run the risk of ignoring what
I can.  Limitations differ from
complacency.  Acceptance
does not comprise fatalism.
Redefine limits, enter a world.

(from My Book of Changes, 1994-1995)

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