Fragments of Water

an opening
like an eye,
or a break
in a levee:
water flows
it is not necessary that one follow;
yet, close attention to the mundane details
will yield more than if one simply floats along
without any regard to the signs placed here
The details drive one
to tangential or diverting
distraction: pay too much
attention and like kaleidoscopes
one’s view expands geometrically
to minutia, while disregard
debilitates with self-satisfied
smugness: either, solidifies inertia
into a prison’s wall.
Between obsession and ignorance
lies the open gate.
Presently – –
the midpoint is never as precise
as math wants to make it
either too little or too much
it shifts – –
the water recedes
the breach heals
the river resumes its contented flow
I’m floating downstream
a leaf from the twirl of air
alights to spin between rock and froth
With a lackadaisical attention span
my mind wanders where it will.
Where it starts to where it is
connected by the tangential
trail it haphazardly followed
looping back like those water cycle
posters in third grade where
the sea becomes the clouds raining
on the mountains ad infinitum
until any will I might have had
evaporates into whimsical steam

(from Fragments of Water, 2004-2006)

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