from “Primogenitive Folly”

strong words leap laterally
out-rigged guided by stars
north star not visible below
sea storm sea upon sea
wavecrest sees wavecrest
word to word
sibilant seafoam speaks
nothing to nothing flows
currents  slip through sea
driven by what
desire to  be heard
to be other than here
what vision launched these ships
                        *            *            *
we move murmuring stories
telling  our  lives in order  to live
the  words match the oars strokes
patterns patterning what  we say
around us the sea surges
emotion and motion merge
sun  and salt scorch skin
birds beckon  toward horizon
with  landfall  a  new tale triumphs
terror and travail of sea trail
trepidation tying us  together
tranquility transcending turmoil
(from “Primogenitive Folly,” August 2001-April 2003)

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