as per your request
for clarity as a relief
from the apparent oblique
ramblings I create
I place within this space
before you to inspect
at your casual pace
my mind within a jar
please with ease take note
of how all the obvious
disguises the subtle folds
in what I say to you
how the decorative charm
leads the eye slyly away
from the simplistic grey
surface discourse to darker
matters hidden within
the unconscious crevices
teeming with a procreant
mass of living metaphor
how from the first
words spoken we lie
as the sounds differ
between the then and now
between my intent
and your ear clotted
with interpretations
too complex to be true
yet when straight forward
inside a contextualized glow
thoughts float like the dead
within an explicated jar
(July 23, 2013)

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