we’re in a bar
I’m in jeans shirtless
you sit next to me
your hand like a butterfly
rests on my left shoulder blade
we drink three reposados
you say tequila’s dangerous
makes you do threesomes
as usual I find it hard
to speak with you
I pour you another drink
we leave together
I’m in an old theater
like the Paramount on Congress avenue
but somewhere else
a black and white film
starring Judy Garland
as an adult
is playing on the screen
I’m nude
except for a convenient bed sheet
draped modestly of course
I’m reading a newspaper
Doris Day in a grey business suit
ala “The Man Who Knew Too Much”
walks in and sits in front of me
we start to make out
nothing heavy
chaste even
like “Pillow Talk”
an implied later
I’m in an unfamiliar school building
like 1950’s delinquent films
I’m searching for something
opening doors with frosted windows
down the hall like monarchs rising
I hear your laugh
although there is no sound
I wake 
thinking of you
(January 2013)

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