Another Sad Love Poem

this letter will be ignored

as so many others

or perhaps worse


as if

some other

were the subject

instead of you

(February 9, 2021)

Prelude to a Kiss



I know nothing

of you other

than brief moments

I’ve observed,

as you of me.

Yet still, we must

come to trust

what we know

is enough.


(June 3, 2018)

Longtime Infatuation



embers, embedded

beneath the snowy ash, burn

slowly, secretly.


(April 29, 2018)

take them as they are



four haiku


I use words as walls,

and as balm. These are my hands

I hold out to you.




I cannot control

the flailing rising from dream;

the dream controls me.




your absence ripples

the nightmare through the next day,

pebbles on water.




I need your presence,

your soft breath through the night,

and morning’s first hug.


(February 21, 2018)

still in love



in a few weeks it will be

forty years since we went out

for a banal movie and pizza—


forty years, college, a marriage;

three children grown,

and moved out mostly.


We are grandparents now.

Isaac toddles about the house

determinedly going where he goes,

as we follow behind bemused.


I think we worry too much

for the troubles we have. I am

aware they are there, as they are—

yet, so am I, and so are you.


(February 19, 2018)

anticipation and regret




as a boy he wrote

all the words

she might say


in old age

he revises

all she said


(February 12, 2018)




As blood from wine,

He is transformed;

The words solidify—

Lift from the page

Like a starling murmur

flows in morning air.

Obsessively, his thoughts

Turn and return

To the slightest wisp

She might, in passing,

Have whispered.

Memory is present

Always to form

A different future.

He writes and revises,

Remembers and reforms,

As if a candle’s smoke

Can reshape a flame;

As if all the words

Are uttered correctly,

He will be reborn.


(February 5, 2018)

Crush It



“yet, to crush this a little, it would bow to me”

                        —Malvolio, 12th Night, William Shakespeare




I wasn’t one of them,

I just want you to know—

I wasn’t like those others

She said almost as if she

Believed what she said


He smiled and nodded

As she said it again

But he knew as well

As she that she was one

Of them and was the same


But he was in love and wanted

Her to be what he wanted

Her to be not with those

Who were those who giggled

And mocked his doleful thoughts


Not that he cared then or now

He was in love then as now

And wonders now why she

Wanted him so badly to know

She wasn’t one of them



(December 24, 2017)




Morning’s light kisses

The edges of the elm’s leaves;

I wake to your arms.


(November 23, 2017)