“They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts”
                        -William Shakespeare
1.     Entrance
and then
from somewhere
there are
no edges
you are
as an edge
our parents
and you
an absence
and not 
an absence
2.     Separations
then a wood
with trees
and you
to each sound
a leaf shimmer
from each tree
of the wood
you are in
3.     Sex
the I then eyes
an other for
the sheer naked
pleasure of a lover
to roll in and out
of bed never
concerned much for
what’s in the head
you me her he
all tangled together
rollicking like puppies
in puerile pleasures
4.     I Deals With Difference
take up the cause
my cause because
I am right to want
to change our world
to fit the world
I want to be
a better reflection
of what I see
5.     Stillness
within this solitary dance is
to balance on an unsteady pole
juggling balls in a twirling wind
and everything flows like water
around a rock amid this river
a center which never moves
6.     Pantaloon Speaks to a Mirror
my wife tells me
she read men
find it difficult
to befriend women
because a man thinks
any woman who speaks
with him during the day
must be interested
in him in a sexual way
how silly
I know not all
women want me
that would be
I have some
discernment here
7.     Exit
lines smudge between
the edges of conversations
echoes from another room
cousins of ghosts not here
speak in dreams
just out of your reach
go tell them you say
to not be so loud in there
we’ll all soon be together
(January 2013)

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