to Ezra and Jessica upon their wedding, June 7 2014
love is more
than any of us
which is our salvation
love lives within
the crevices
of our lives
at the level
of everyday’s most
quiet need
the cup of tea
the washed dish
the simple joke
the tear on the cheek
love flows
between the mundane
tasks of work and home
too often absorbing our attention
away from what brought us
to stand here now
as witness to a kiss
often you will need more
often you will need more
love is never equitable
the difficulty is not knowing
when it is you or not you
but to know
it is neither
you nor you
but the conversation
between you and you
started with this simple kiss
the flow of words
 the flow of love
folded within the conversations
and the shape of silences
which form around
 you and you
and between everything
you and you
apart from each other
and a part of each other
starting with this simple kiss
to exist together
to create a space
to create your lives
all in this simple kiss

(may 15, 2014)

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