“Passion is clearly the path
but does not bring us to love.”
            –Jack Gilbert

it was inevitable
            his slow plodding gait
                        awkward and ill-timed
arms akimbo swatting flies
                        too focused by distractions
                                    to notice her before him
her large brown eyes luminous
            as her graceful neck turned
                        towards him startled
all became still
he felt she could see
                                    through to his heart
then he made a move
               another step down the path           
               three whispered words
                           and as he feared
                                 she fled
                                      leapt diagonally
                                            vanishing into the brush
lucky to know what he saw
            the momentary stillness
            the departing flash between trees
rueful with love
            he stared through the leaves
                        at the emptiness
                                    where she was
(December 2012)

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