Just Days Ago

“all the events
that are the marrow of the gods.”
            –Jim Harrison
Just Days ago
after more
than thirty years
of making love
to each other
again, we drove
into town for sushi,
then to a bookstore
to wander aisles
vaguely searching
for yet another
book to read.
As we drove,
we talked
of all the cats
who have lived
with us since
we first moved
in together
decades ago.
Different sets
of cats connect
to different times,
different houses,
different ages
of our children.
Hours later,
as we return
home to the house,
now empty,
where we raised
our children,
our four cats
wait anxiously
outside the door
tails twitching
in irritation
at the passing
of time.
(April 2013)

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