Dream Journal #8: The Spaces Between Light and Dark

Somewhere else other than
here it is light while here
it is dark I wake into this
dark from dream with you
who were an other instead
but now here like your hand
once briefly upon my arm
only these traces hold me
against the darkness I drift
back along long silver threads
then fall out of this darkness
into dream where friends blend
into others until the cats’ curl
and call through the dark
pulls me from warm sheets
twitching tails lash my ankles
down the stairs to disappear
through the door into moonless
night and somewhere not here
it is light yet here the dark drapes
over the cottonwood’s whispers
smothering the susurrations
I want to hear in other’s words until
I return to sleep safe from the dark
but not dreams where plants disguised
as people rise from the ground
around some other dark house
and  pry at the windows moaning
my fears into dark bear like shouts
into a faceless half darkness from
which I wake curled into the safety of
your curves next to me as light
ignites the room into love
(May 5, 2013)

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