a foolish proposal  to rely on memory thus
to put trust in yourself so much so
that what you collect of your experience
is allowed to become all you are
but then  there is little else
books – – testimony of the dead
and of course biased 
toward the literate
friends and relatives
so lost in their own unfoldings
to truly help in your interpretations
of the sights, sounds, and tactile impressions
you have attracted since waking
much less since birth, what with all of the vague
causality spinning off tangents like bubble  chamber’s particles.
tenuously draped across a single nerve
stretched tight like a violin  string
upon which we play our song –  –
Beliefs clot about us casually – –
shadowing the past in a more appealing light
Therefore:  a foolish proposal to rely on memory thus

(August 2001-April 2003, from “primogenitive folly”)

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