Anger rose like a bear

growing to its full height,

growling into the trees,

massive arms outspread.

It has been years

since I manifested him;

my meds, like dogs,

keeping him at bay.

Yet, a small thing,

no more than a stone,

easily ignored—

was enough:

he flowed through me, 

the adrenaline surged;

my face flushed;

my jaw clinched.

Anger swirled around me,

like a vibration of bees

migrating slowly

across an open field.

I watched it unfold

through me, as easily

as when a child

I watched him shift

from himself into fear.

But I could not run

from myself as easily

as from him. So, I let it

pass. I stood still listening

to silence, and it dissipated

like waves on a beach

chased along by sand pipers.

(April 8, 2022)

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