like smoke from a cigarette tip
                        his hand on the bar
ice settles in the glass
            he coughs
                        clears his throat
                                    and starts to speak
my clichés clot
            across the veins
                        of my life
my clichés clot
            like spilled blood
                        in the snow
my clichés clot
            my speech
                        with a swollen tongue
my clichés clot
            all with whom I interact
                        everyday every day
my clichés clot
            until my heart
                        thickens in disgust
3. Just Saying
Not that what I have to say is urgent,
or even all that amusing;
but it is what I have to say,
and that becomes my reason to speak,
and that becomes my urgency:
for what I long to say to you
is, amusing enough, all that I can
do to show how much I love you.
(May 2012, work in progress)

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