” At that critical moment when a stick – i.e., an object – becomes a pivot for severing the meaning of horse from a real horse, one of the basic psychological structures determining the child’s relationship to reality is radically altered”.—Lev Vygotsky
I live inside my head dancing
between a blank page here
and the book pile by my bed
often I see you there too
a shadow upon the wall
sleepily early in the morning
or at night chattering bright-eyed
and passionate about it all
so much so I’m disconcerted when
I see you somewhere else
somewhere other than here
 there when outside of where
your actions are quite queer
from here to there
the words you say differ
compared to what I want to hear
I discern one from the other
the distinctions remain clear
yet I worry and wart one day I won’t
so easily separate the myriad folds
and all my careful constructs
will collapse about me sadly
like Lego towers in the late afternoon
when the children are hungry and so tired

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