Within the parameters

Which define me,

Am I who I am,

Or who I have created?

I revise a simple story

Of which I am a part;

The story compels belief,

And I comply completely.

I am only a part of

this story as a voice

I hear, which stays near

Slightly behind all I do:

I am this voice, this story;

I am my only limitation.


(November 20, 2018)


  1. subtextures says:

    We tell our story to ourselves. It is our life. Unless, of course, we give ourselves up to more nefarious narratives, where we have no control over our lives. The niggling voice behind what we say is our voice, which is why it is important to be your own editor as well. I believe we are both inside and outside of our life; we exist in the bubble of our story. Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem.

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  2. Btw, in A. N. the narrative is life. If Scheherazade stops narrating, she’ll die.


  3. The author of the story in which she is a character… An author is normally outside his work but she is in and creates it from within (cf. Hamlet, Scheherazade in Arabian Nights…)


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