Another Sad Love Poem

this letter will be ignored

as so many others

or perhaps worse


as if

some other

were the subject

instead of you

(February 9, 2021)

Drift Into Absence

There was no time

for good-bye.

And, what she promised

would never happen, did:

she was gone;

he was not.

(July 27, 2019)


The ghosts in his forest sift

between the bramble, collect

momentarily in clearings,

and compare notes on their

unconsummated affairs.

His apparition slips along

her edges, begging the margins

she ignores. Annotations,

without context, entangle

his thoughts, growing a life

of their own, a meaning

of their own, as blooms

of moss on the forest floor

disguise the broken trees

in a green effulgence.

He tries to trace her designs

within her fractured words.

Each turn he takes leads away

form yet another possible exegesis;

until, he falls into a clarity

forever uncertain and voiceless.p

(May 5, 2019)

falling tree



With each assertion

tempered with doubt,

I quaver

and do not move—

as if a leaf

in autumn

indecisively about to fall.


Always on the cusp

of desire,

I stutter and fail.

What I would say

folds obliquely

into silence.


As if what one says matters,

when no one is there to hear.


(August 4, 2018)




I never answered

the question you did not ask

but I wanted to


(May 26, 2018)