Why shouldn’t I?

A wren perched next to a cardinal

like a drunkard on a stool

looking for a bit of trouble:

Am I such an easy fool

to think this wind is for me?

A yes, and a yes, waited unsaid.

(July 21, 2020)


four haiku with a tanka couplet

her nightgown slips

past her hips

as she steps toward him


her skin cool

beneath the sheets

simmers at his touch


a fan rattles

over tangled sheets;

cicada pulse the heat outside.


she wakes before dawn,

and slips from bed,

leaving him alone


like rain in drought, we

desire what remains

(July 8, 2019)

Prelude to a Kiss



I know nothing

of you other

than brief moments

I’ve observed,

as you of me.

Yet still, we must

come to trust

what we know

is enough.


(June 3, 2018)




I never answered

the question you did not ask

but I wanted to


(May 26, 2018)

Longtime Infatuation



embers, embedded

beneath the snowy ash, burn

slowly, secretly.


(April 29, 2018)

All Fall Down


            Four haiku with a tanka couplet



The last bits of blood

And flesh licked clean long ago

By a parched dead tongue;


The dry wind scatters

Sand across the blasted sky.

No one sees the bones.


What are words, but dust?

An unwritten love letter waits

On lovers to wake.


The bed’s rumpled sheets

Lie tangled across the floor,

Seaweed on the beach.


Unrelenting heat pulses

Well after the setting sun.


(November 5, 2017)

eros in retrospect

on the bed asleep
she lies face down
half-light filters
through the blinds
lacing her bare skin
with a cool sheen
he cannot describe

(October 10, 2017)

Come to Me

“the efflorescence of causality”
            –Roland Barthes
like wind through maple leaves
her words drifted through him
she mouthed her desire
along the tendons of his neck
her kisses were like morning
glory’s tendrils unfurling
 along a tree branch’s
ecstatic longing for the sun
(June 17, 2017)


my hands reach for you
to pull you close through the night
my life’s one desire
I need you to sing for me

to arc your voice into stars.

(February 14, 2017)