Layers (122)

the cat slept all day

turned tightly into herself

a sublime wisdom

snow begins to fall

silencing the day’s hard sleet

the night grows colder

ice brightens the moon

along the bare branches’ backs

like a hot whip’s snap

by morning the snow

drapes the yard as if with light

the chimes slowly sound

a lone mockingbird chirrups

inside the house the cat waits

(February 18, 2021)

All Fall Down


            Four haiku with a tanka couplet



The last bits of blood

And flesh licked clean long ago

By a parched dead tongue;


The dry wind scatters

Sand across the blasted sky.

No one sees the bones.


What are words, but dust?

An unwritten love letter waits

On lovers to wake.


The bed’s rumpled sheets

Lie tangled across the floor,

Seaweed on the beach.


Unrelenting heat pulses

Well after the setting sun.


(November 5, 2017)

Salt Marsh Haikus, with a Tanka Couplet

Port Aransas, Texas
 The crane’s slow patience
Waits on the edge of the pier,
All moments are now.
Wind across the marsh
slides through the wavering grass,
if I’m here or not.
With a fluttered splash,
A fish leaps into the air;
There is no escape.
With words we fix time.
The pelican preens its wings,
Our noise means nothing.
Lost to simplicity,
Days rush past us unnoticed.

(May 22, 2017)