Dreams Interrogate the Day




which remain unanswered,

as if on a student exam,

befuddle me. I wonder

the possibilities: lack of time,

lack of knowledge, lack of trust.

Some stay silent, although known,

because the question

was never asked—or

never formed

clearly enough to be able

to be asked. Or I feared

the answers might be

the ones I desired.


(August 19, 2018)

solve for X



you present as a variable

an x or a y

an unknown desire


to provide an outcome

for a question

I did not know to ask


each only opens one door

to slip down the hall and out

is to dance the wet grass alone


or sit near the window and sigh

as one grey day blurs into tomorrow

with your answer left unresolved


I do not know where to go

within the variables of my heart



(February 11, 2018)








I stand on a ragged edge.

My feet ache,

Crumpled like broken claws.


I am unsure:

Am I distorted

And blurred?


Do I sing

In some voice

Not my own?


Demands disallow

The silence

For thought.


Too often too much

Rips and pulls

Like tides.


Beneath this clamor

I listen—

My heart beats


Steady, yet wary

Like a rabbit

On a field’s edge.


I gather my doubts

And step out

Into air,


Until all

That falls

Falls away.


(January 24, 2018)