love and fear bond us

the collaborative

notion we are dead

without the other

that god exists

within not without

as the beast devours

the ones on the edge

together we hold

what wisdom we have

in the stories told

as we eat our bread


the dead like god live

as wine in our blood


(February 8, 2018)


He placed bits before her
Broken thoughts fragments of love
An offering for her to puzzle
Together in increments overtime
In hopes that these tokens
These talismans would suffice
To form a larger picture
Of all he could never say
Yet his patterns remained
Abstract if not obtuse
His intentions blurred behind
Shattered and pixilated bone
No frame work no mortar
To hold his heart together
(May 2, 2017)


Three Sevenlings
Decades have gone passed
since we were young and
walked through Paris streets.
Nude, you walk toward me
whisky in your hand;
the bed sheets crumpled.
I desire you still
Every evening, we
discuss the mundane—
love’s soft ritual.
Your touch lessens fear,
holds me to center,
burns away the fray.
I find peace with you.
I can’t sleep tonight;
you have gone away.
One night is too long.
Even in silence,
I want to be here,
because you are here.
Here we still are.

(February 8, 2017)