I am Not You

I write into myself
a space to survive
the expectations and lies
that have become my home.
This is no autobiography,
but a bald accusation,
of anyone who dares
arrive at a reading
and not see themselves
inscribed upon the page.
I have become myself,
naked and exposed,
despite interpretations
formed in other’s woes.

(September 17, 2017)


a position without
  without departure
a solidity
     on which to stand
like stepping stones
  in a river
but an eggshell
    as our sky
awaits another
  another way
        under a truth
  into another
welcomes belief
      then feeds
            until no other
    turns back to air
 like an exhalation
into silence

(October 24, 2015)

11: with all equanimity

as if any given can be divined
as to its true justification
yes no yes no yes separated until
the true binary collapses to one
which is squarely seen to be no
more than what is said to be
stripped clean of any tacit
obligations to more than now
without causality’s shades clouding
stark judgment’s clear sight
as she lays her lidless eyes upon my life
then turns upon the detritus
to make similar claims upon it all
(from a work in progress: “Arcana,” November 10, 2013)

6: confluence

like lover’s arms wrapped around each other’s bodies
pulling from the vast continental watersheds
of eastern and western north america
the ohio and mississippi rivers come together
then flow next to each other for miles
a clear demarcation between one and the other
before finally merging together into one long flow
just as we too come together with a single kiss

(from a work in progress: “Arcana,” November 6, 2013)

5: he’s thought all this through for you

with superfluous grace
he shows you the way
waving you down
his well-defined path
don’t think too much
about whether to go
your freedom to choose
is just part of his show
loyalty lies
like so many things
in the polished truncheon
of his outstretched hand

(from a work in progress: “Arcana,” November 5, 2013)

4: Draw a Line

Just as you can only see your face’s reflection,
Only you know what you know and do within.
What aspect are you willing to show?
What part of you will you risk
To save the part of you that’s you?
Can you still find the line to protect
The border of what you call home?
Or can you further sub-divide your soul,
Until there’s nothing left of you at all?

(from a work in progress: “Arcana” , November 5, 2013)

3: Within Without

the wild wheat
waves undulant
intuitive like wind
what reason exists
if any exist
divides outside
the yes and yes
we’re wrapped
within the procreant
surge of stars
a waterfall’s rush
and crash over
the edge of the world
to where we gather
to sing our song
safe in the arms
of her enduring love

(from a work in progress: “Arcana” , November 4, 2013