Metaphor’s Comfort

Flying free

through the blind night,


with their high lyric cries,


the walls around them.

(July 19, 2021)

Narrative’s Default

whose story

your story

my story

some other

someone speaks

some listen

some believe

some obey

here the page turns

hear the page turn

slow whispers

form a deaf ear

control’s the word’s

darkest destiny

(August 13, 2020)


I tell a story:

I am a part

as are you

being pulled

apart, each

part one.

The horizon’s shadow

flees before

I write this line,

a demarcation–

this path

versus another,

which word

takes us where?

(November 5, 2019)




as in rain

arms out

head back


only my voice

in the way


I open to silence


(July 23, 2018)

scanning library shelves

seeds of interest
embedded within
the words sprout
tendrils in swirls
to push dull earth
aside until light
dawns entire
to bathe us all
into redemption

(October 6, 2016)

A Part Apart

A story’s comfort
comes in retelling.
The pattern laid out
like a blue quilt;
each square tightly
stitched to someone
else’s contribution,
someone’s scraps.
It’s taken time
to listen close,
to follow a thread
from knot to knot;
until I, too, am
woven whole.

(July 9, 2016)

Read For This: a Lecture

Past words pirouette off the page,
like apparitions at their stations,
to reanimate an old thought
into a different mind’s age.
A pithy phrase or sensuous line
catches the ear in a whisper,
slows the thought to a clarion
even this reader might hear.
To know what happens, look
at what remained: the tattered book,
the cited scrap, one has saved
to write through the bookish dark.
What drives us to our age
resembles what drove us before:
to slip past the smoke and hate,
to sway in the dancer’s slightest gait.

(July 4, 2014)

if everything is art, then nothing is art

“nothing comes from nothing”
                        William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act 1.1
an arrogant yet thoughtless
aesthetic with only elan
and a memory for names
to bastion his opinions
against irrelevance’s
mocking laughter

(December 7, 2013)