Often while reading,

I scan the words,

turn the pages,

and then the book

vanishes, and I vanish,

aware of nothing.


To hold nothing,

and have nothing hold,

I desire this freedom–

a breath unnoticed,

as it is



Radiant, without center,

I cannot name

my discontent.

A wind, at my ear,

stills as I turn;

yet, still’s nearby.


(November 4, 2018)




I’m not sure I do much,

but open doors, set up chairs,

provide a place to read,

talk, write; which is enough

and yet, is not enough

to beat back the belligerence

barking like a spittle-flecked

beast. I can’t save them

from what is to come,

nor always be there to speak

amiably into their distress,

and voiceless traumas.

But there is this room,

an open door, and a chair.


(March 27, 2018)




Poetry is existence: the bark

Of the primal tongue gnawed

Into the first cave’s wet clay.

I summon myself with words

Others have spoken. They offer

A bastion, a solace to live out.

Each line defines, creates tension

Between what I know and silence;

Where I am, where I leave off.

When reading late at night,

Or walking in morning fog,

I vanish into some other

Like a fish blindly mouthing

Voiceless O’s into the air.


(February 28, 2018)

A Mirror Sees Only Itself

“my nature/is a quagmire of unresolved /confessions”
                        –Robert Creeley, The Door
I resist autobiographical
Interpretations others imply
When they ask about my work.
I do not write to you, nor
Even for you. I am no
Placebo to numb your pain;
No multi-car pile up
To drive by relieved
That it is some other;
No prurient desire to linger
Over, dripping hunger
Like an open wound.
Yes, I write this; yet, you
Come only to see yourself.

(October 12, 2017)

i sound out words in an unknown language

“pale light by which it reads itself’
            –Michael Palmer, Light Moves 3
almost morning almost night
the cloudy day verges on rain
i know figures on the wall as wall
a cuneiform by which i’m accounted
a permanence impressed to clay
to which i’m owed as recompense
i understand little i read now
the words slur thick in my mouth
inarticulate i shuffle a dance
hoping my steps fall sure
beneath this pale neon moon
tell me again i sing who i am
(September 3, 2017)