metaphor’s logic is like you know

from an untitled serial poem (4)

yet you know

we are alone


only in our common


I assume you are

like me a simile

if you will 


an understandable analogy

a cat is to a dog

as a rabbit is

to a stellar singularity

I fear the wind

in my fur

is a tell a fox is near

a trap is set to drop

I am aware 

because somewhere

some other thought

and told some other

who eventually

inscribed the pattern

along a random strand

like now

(January 6, 2020)

No response, No Echo, Only Silence

“Wow, I felt like I just entered a black hole,” she said.

In open air beneath the sun
I open my mouth and speak
What words I can into silence

Stripped of small talk and idle chatter
My speech forms its own horizon
Abutting up against your silence

Between all the stances I can take
Amid the ambiguity of reception
Falls a monolithic silence

All my lonely lamentations
All my whispered secrets
Mean nothing to the silence

All my words and talk
All my confessions of love
Mean nothing to the silence

(June 2011)