with you always



Beauty laughs beatifically at us

who pass by obsessed with desire

and fear for the next distraction,

unaware of each moment’s

kaleidoscope rippling, like an eye

opening, toward a new horizon

in each hesitant step we take.


I open my hand as an offering

to the life we are becoming

inside this present we are in.

Beauty lives here or nowhere:

a dust mote swirls in sunlight

spilling through an open window

into this singular Sunday morning.


(February 18, 2018)

Everyday Performances

She was cool once, and still
She thinks of style and manner
In precise and textured terms.
She stood askew to the line
Of the Art museum’s café
As if waiting to be seen again.
Pausing for a frame to form
Her, she adjusted perfectly
A detail upon the counter:
A quick tableaux of cool
Like a fashion magazine
Ignored on a table nearby.

(July 16, 2017)