Darkening of the Light

from “Renditions of Change,” a work in progress

At night a light

exposes one, opens

like a wound to bleed

out into the dark.

I want to stay

hidden within

my secrets, to hold

my desires close

like a small flame.

It’s safe there, stitched

tight between muscle

and bone, waiting

to enkindle a better day.

(March 23, 2019)

The Taming Power of the Small

from “Change,” a work in progress

Our government horrifies me,

and I feel powerless–

Each day I read and talk

with my students;

they exude such optimism

and hope, I’m humbled.

A slight breeze stirs

the oak leaves;

dawn breaks slowly

over all.

(January 25, 2019)

onward into the day


“Love is the root of everything….Love, or the lack of it.”

— Fred Rogers 


like glass resonant in trembled anger

the fear is outrageous and constant

one horrific event erases the next

in an infinite succession of bomb blasts

bludgeoning attention to a bloody slurry

only the noise of the moment matters

and it does not matter even then

but only in the silence it creates in you

the silence of the possibility of dissent

so one must learn to hear without

hearing deafly to see again without

seeing blindly to go with open trust

across the shattered shards of glass

onward into the darkening night


(June 23, 2018)

Resignation’s Not Enough

Like an old ox under yoke who pulls
Again, and again, until he cannot
Pull any longer; then stops, and waits
as if waiting were an art to be
savored, instead of endured like pain,
I’m frayed, worn thin from being;
From what I’ve been; from who I am.
I wait caught in quandary’s eddy,
Without knowing what I wait upon.
I linger over every trivial decision,
As if all time stood still and waited
For permission to take the tatters,
And transform into someone new.
I must move; yet I wait, afraid to move.

(April 16, 2017)