Above all, don’t lie to yourself.”

Fyodor DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov


I can lie to myself easily enough,

With small shifts in the story to adjust

The present view, to accommodate

a new façade on the old denouement.


Although, it is less work to accept

The dominant narrative; the mundane

Given, leading toward an obvious proof;

Someone else’s truth not your own.


I am so tired, and there are so many

Steps to manage the smallest crisis:

What to buy for dinner? Should I change

Lanes now, or wait a mile or two.


I simply rearrange the bread crumbs

I’ve dropped for you along the way.


(December 20, 2017)




I have nothing
within my hands
nothing to offer
beyond my trust
that I am
who I claim
that what I hold
within me
my heart
my love
for you
will be enough
that what I say
will find
its truer echo
within you
that you will hear
this secret song
then take my hands
for what they are
and hold them close
within yours
safe from all
the calloused troubles
outside ourselves

(February 28, 2015)